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About the Institute of Psychotherapy

The Institute of Psychotherapy trains highly qualified professionals in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, promoting the emotional wellbeing of the surrounding community. Our mission is ‘Education, Service, and Research’ in psychoanalysis and the mental health services, and our slogan is ‘Harmony Through Words’.

Since the Institution’s beginning in 1973, its founder Dr. José Rubén Hinojosa Martinez envisioned the importance of running an outpatient psychoanalytic charity clinic that provided service to people of the community, especially to those belonging to lower social classes.

Since then, and thanks to the apostolate of Sor María Rosa Góngora Romero from the religious order “Nuns for Service to Society”, the Institute’s students and faculty have provided state of the art clinical services on a daily basis, exceeding the requirements necessary for a graduate degree in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Presently, the Institute of Psychotherapy provides around 450 monthly consultations to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

2010-2015 Vision

  • Develop institutional lines of research within the fields of child development and the processes and outcomes of treatment in psychoanalytical psychotherapy.
  • Graduate the first generation (2010-2013) of students pursuing their doctorate in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
  • Form collaborative alliances with national and international academic institutions.
  • Obtain the necessary funds to increase the amount of books in the Institute’s specialized library.
  • Establish the network of financial benefactors in order to construct a building with a research lab and an expanded library.
  • Foster the recognition of the Center of Education and Research in Psychoanalysis (CEIP) by the International Psychoanalytical Association‘s (IPA) as an IPA Provisional Society.
  • Support the CEIP in achieving its mission of training candidates in psychoanalytic practice under the tutoring of the Sponsoring Committee of the IPA

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Dr. José Rubén Hinojosa Martinez established the Institute of Psychotherapy in 1973. To learn details about his life and his work, we present the following documents that elaborate on his societal labor as a medical psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and as a promoter of psychoanalysis and mental health in the north of Mexico.

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